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Estrellita's Snacks can create the perfect Salvadoran menu for your next meeting, dinner party, or special event. While Estrellita's Snacks specializes in pupusas and tamales, Maria also makes a wide variety of stews, soups, and desserts to match your vision for your event.
​These items can be customized for your budget and the size and scope of your event.
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Traditional Salvadorian dish made of a thick handmade corn tortilla.

★ Beef

★ Chicken
★ Beans and cheese
★ Mushroom 

★ Jalapeño and cheese

★ Zucchini
★ Mix (Pork, beans and cheese)

salvadorian tamales

Corn dough filled with a meat or vegetable medley. Wrapped in banana leaf and steamed until cooked.

★ Beef
★ Chicken

★ Pork



Corn dough filled with a meat or vegetable medley. Wrapped in leaf and steamed or boiled until cooked.

★ Chicken in green sauce
★ Pork in red sauce
★ Veggie
(Jalapeño and cheese) 


Venezuelan handmade corn pockets.

★ Reina Pepiada
​(Chicken avocado)

★ Pelua
(Shredded beef and cheddar cheese)

★ Domino
(Black beans and queso fresco)  

★ Pabellon
(Beef, black beans, fried plantain and queso fresco)


​★ Plantain Chips

★ Yucca Fries

★ Cucumber Salad

★ Casamiento (Rice and beans)

★ Sauteed Vegetables (Mushrooms, onions, zucchini, and bell peppers)

★ Mixed Greens (Red onions, tomatoes, avocado, and peppers served with lime juice dressing)